Frequently Asked Questions

+ I am new. How does this work?

It is easy! Visit here to see how easy it is!


+ What are Mix Types?

Since MXD is a smart mixing system, we wanted to empower you to create your best mix. That’s why we give you — Mix Types. Read about the different types of mixes we offer below. This will help to guide the art you created as well as make it ready for all the listening platforms, A/Rs and fans. Keep in mind of what the song sounded like before using the mix type. If you send in a good rough mix, a great final mix will come out.


+ Should I fade my files before sending to MXD?

Yes, treat this as if you are sending your session off to get mixed! Fade the song in and out as you wish. You are in control.


+ Should I clean my files before sending to MXD?

Yes! Keep in mind that the better you send in the files, the better the mixes will be! Clean unwanted breaths, pops, unwanted room noise, etc.


+ Does MXD pan or do any post effects to my song?

MXD does not add any effects, pan or edit the placement of your files. It simply mixes what you upload. Give your song a rough mix so that it has a nice foundation to start on!


+ What audio resolutions are accepted?

We accept: Wav, AIFF and .mp3. You want to bounce out stereo-interleaved files for upload. Use either 24bit or 32bit float. You DO NOT want to change the sample rate from what your session is currently in.


+ What resolution will the final mix be delivered in?

All mixes will be sent as 48kHz 24bit WAV files. We want to give you a high-resolution mix that can be used for mastering right after you receive your mix.


+ Can MXD master my song.

At this time, MXD does not offer mastering. Check back soon!


+ Can I make changes to my song?

You can make changes to your song with a Revision. A revision allows you to easily make changes the volume and frequency content of all of your mix elements. Revisions are an additional charge, but can be bundled with a mix purchase for a reduced price.


+ Do you offer a song preview?

At this time we do not. If you are a new customer we will happily create a code for you to try a song on MXD platform at a discounted rate. We believe you will love it, if you give it a try! E- mail:

+ What are mix elements?

We tried to make this as simple as possible. We created what we call "elements". Kicks, Snares, Back ground vocals, ect. Some people upload all of their kicks to the kick elements and some people do a stereo print and upload that. YOU HAVE THE CONTROL.


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