How to prep files for mxd

Whether you are in Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, or any other DAW, you can send files to us! The goal is to make your files sound the same as the rough mix you already have. This way of sending files may take you 20 minutes but it will ensure a better mix in the end. To start preparing your song for mix, follow the instructions below! These are the steps we created to help you. If you have a better/faster way to get the same outcome, feel free to do that. Again, the goal is to make sure the multitrack files sound like your rough mix

1. At the end of these steps you will have "Wet" files. That’s great! 

2. If you have not done a rough mix, that's fine! We do recommend adding getting a rough idea of how you like the levels to be. Doing a simple mix on the levels will put you in a better spot then most! 

3. If you have a limiter on your master bus, remove it.

4. Solo one track and bounce out the song as a .wav file (24bit, 44.1kHz), naming the bounce with the same name as whatever track you have soloed. For example, if bouncing out a track named “Kick,” solo the track, bounce it and name your bounce “Kick.” Repeat this process track by track until all tracks in your session have been bounced out. 

Bounce all your stems with their effects (for example, panning, reverb and delay). We do not add effects or panning.

5. Make sure you have the bounced/exported files in a folder. 

6. Click Here to learn how to start a mix!

The way to get the best mix is to have a decent rough mix. Keep in mind that MXD does not pan or add effect to your song. You do not have to be a engineer to get the level ratio you want!

If you have any additional questions about how to upload your files correctly, email